Chuck Giezentanner and the Pop Industrial Pin-up

By Alex Muller

Queen of Hearts by Chuck Giezentanner
Queen of Hearts by Chuck Giezentanner

When I call Chuck Giezentanner to talk about his art, he tells me he used to do male nudes. I ask him, just to clarify, if he was ever the model. He laughs and explains his models were mostly former boyfriends. “And I’ve dated some hot guys,” he adds.

She's a Beauty by Chuck Giezentanner
She’s a Beauty by Chuck Giezentanner

After thinking for a moment, he continues: “I had to stop painting them, though. You can get into trouble when your boyfriends become ex-boyfriends and they’re still hanging on your wall.” In Chuck’s case, those exes also hung on the walls of salons, galleries, and the occasional home.

Dust Skull by Chuck Giezentanner
Dust Skull by Chuck Giezentanner

Beyond the male form, Giezentanner’s paintings blend industrial punk rock with Warhol’s pop palette. Shadows meet swirling eroticism with a fair amount of tongue in cheek—if that tongue is simultaneously tying a knot in a cherry stem.

Medusa by Chuck Giezentanner
Medusa by Chuck Giezentanner

Chuck Giezentanner was born in Asheville, North Carolina. His art career began at Realis Gallery on Trade Street in Winston-Salem in 2000, while he was a bartender at The Village Tavern in Reynolda Village. Concentrating on male nudes, he began attracting patrons from New York all the way to Miami. He also produced two covers for Domicile Magazine in Winston-Salem. Chuck left Winston to begin his Real Estate career back in Asheville, NC. Never leaving the passion of his art, he began showing in Asheville and producing cover art for Out In Asheville, the local LGBT news magazine. He left Real Estate after the passing of his father, and went back into his second passion, bartending. His work was most recently exhibited in ZaPow Gallery on Cox Avenue in downtown Asheville.

Octopus by Chuck Giezentanner
Octopus by Chuck Giezentanner

Chuck says art can be anything you want it to be, you just need a blank canvas, some progressive techno, and several cups of coffee!

The Last Temptation of John
The Last Temptation of John by Chuck Giezentanner

You can contact Chuck Giezentanner about art and commission work at

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